Lokarri, citizen network for agreement and consultation


On March 7th 2015 Lokarri called it a day as a social movement for peace and coexistence. You can read the reasons for ending our path here and our final contribution here










Lokarri was a citizen network that worked in the Basque Country to promote peace, dialogue and reconciliation. It was an independent, diverse and non-profit organization that had 2,000 members and a community of participants of more than 30,000 people.

Its action in the Basque process of the resolution of the conflict included two key areas: 1) the tasks of facilitating dialogue and communication among Basque political parties and 2) the promotion of direct citizen participation.


In this regard, in recent years it worked with several international individuals and organizations, such as the International Contact Group, that have collaborated in the Basque peace process, being the clearest example the promotion of the International Conference held on October 17th, 2011. That conference brought together a significant group of international personalities and a wide representation of Basque political parties and social agents, being the basis for ETA to declare the end of their armed activity.


Regarding the promotion of the public participation Lokarri developed citizen dialogue experiences, organizing local forums addressed to the whole of the Basque society. Its aim has been to create opportunities for dialogue among different political sectors, trying to build bridges of dialogue and understanding that could generate a stream that would encourage social institutions and parties to address a constructive dialogue to overcome the political differences.


Lokarri also offered to public opinion contrasted situation analysis through several publications, press releases or public conferences.


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