Lokarri ends its path as a social movement for peace and coexistence



We believed in peace, we worked for coexistence, we were the string to unite


On March 7, a farewell event will be held in Bilbao


Good bye! 

Lokarri, citizen Network for agreement and consultation, wants to convey an important decision on its future. The Assembly of Lokarri held last 27th of September decided that from March 2015 it will put an end to its work as a citizens' movement for peace and harmonious coexistence.

The reasons that have led us to take this decision are born of the conviction that we were always a social movement that would disappear when the right time came. Almost 22 years have gone by since Elkarri (the predecessor of Lokarri) started its work in favour of peace, dialogue and harmonious coexistence, and we have reached the conclusion that this phase has come to an end.


Lokarri was born in 2006 with the aim of reinforcing, through citizen involvement, the new period of opportunity that emerged after ETA's ceasefire. Following the failure of that peace process, we did everything we could to create the conditions for a new process. In 2009 we stated the conditions for starting up a peace process that would be irreversible and would help to build harmonious coexistence based on non-violence, inclusion, respect for human rights, pluralism and consensus: an end to ETA's violence and the legalisation of Sortu.


These two objectives have been fulfilled, and the peace process is irreversible as a result. We can say, with pride, that Lokarri helped decisively in these conditions becoming a reality. We had the privilege of organising the Conference of Aiete and the event to present the statutes of Sortu. Both represented a great opportunity, the result of many years' work by all the people who have collaborated in the activities of Lokarri, either giving their time or money.


We have taken this decision calmly and with satisfaction, because all the people we have worked with over these 22 years - first in Elkarri and then in Lokarri - have made an important contribution to peace and harmonious coexistence, either through their work or their financial support. Another reason is that we are convinced that the peace process is irreversible and that the people of the Basque Country, through the example they have given in their intense efforts in favour of peace, will be able to consolidate harmonious coexistence based on respect and mutual understanding.


Putting an end to Lokarri's trajectory is only the end of a phase. We have maintained an intense commitment to peace and harmonious coexistence and we will continue to do so, although from March onwards we will do it from different domains. Fortunately, there are several domains in which we can participate. What fills us with hope is the fact that we have taken this decision when the conditions for consolidating the peace process are the best in our recent history. We can also be proud of the fact that we have made a major contribution to promoting harmonious coexistence. We have believed in peace, we have worked for harmonious coexistence, and we have served to bring people closer together. Basically, we have helped to strengthen what already united us.


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