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We believed in peace, we worked for coexistence, we were the string to unite


7th March 2015  



 Farewell event 

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Lokarri, citizens' network for agreement and consultation, for nine years of its trajectory, has worked with perseverance, tenacity, insistence and hope to promote, from the base of society, a coexistence based on respect, pluralism, understanding and democracy. We have done it with mistakes, in some cases, and getting it right in others, but always with the highest expectations. Few people and associations can say that, during their existence, they have achieved a great part of their dreams. Lokarri can affirm that it has achieved part of them; that, from humility, we have helped so that coexistence is better now than when we began to work on that 12 March 2006.

Today, 7 March 2015, Lokarri calls it a day. We want to take advantage of this last event to end as we began: defending Peace, Human Rights, dialogue and reconciliation.


Basque society deserves a conciliated and reconciliatory coexistence. There have been many years of violence, suffering and pain. There have been very few opportunities for getting together and recognizing the other. Dialogue, consensus and the respect for pluralism has been nothing but a dream. Today there is a great opportunity to put an end to this terrible stage in our history, but, above all, there is a great opportunity so that it doesn't happen to us again in the future.


A dreamed upon future. A current commitment

During all these years we have dreamed about what seemed impossible. With all of that, we have been obstinate and stubborn in our determination, "insistent". This moment having come, we know that we haven't achieved everything that we proposed; that the reality that our people live in today, even being notably better than what we lived in March 2006 thanks to the effort of so many people and associations, isn't what it needs and deserves. Therefore, allow us to end our trajectory sharing with you the dream of what we would like the coexistence in Basque society to be like in five years, in the year 2020:


  • All the victims of violence, from ETA, as from parapolice groups and the security forces have been recognized and reparations made. Their memory is maintained as an example of what should never repeat itself again.
  • ETA has put out of operative use all the armament in its power, which has been documented and verified by society as well as the international community.
  • ETA has recognized the unjust damage caused and has apologized to its victims and their families.
  • The state has carried out a comprehensive investigation to reveal the truth of their participation in Human Rights violations, including the purging of torture cases.
  • The exceptional laws have been abolished, the prisoners have been brought to their places or origin, and they have agreed among the main parties and institutions a programme for the reintegration of the prisoners.
  • The political parties have come to an agreement about the minimal bases to promoted coexistence, memory and reconciliation.
  • Educational centres, the media and all of society are implicated in programmes to promote a culture of peace.
  • The main institutions have designed and carried out measures to guarantee Human Rights for everyone.
  • In the cities, towns and neighbourhoods, people leave behind disagreement and they can relate with respect, inclusion and curiosity towards who is different.

This dream isn't naïve or innocent. This dream is possible. This dream needs that in our country each person, each institution, each agent involved in works to make it possible.


This dream needs for the political parties, without delay and excuses, to reunite in a parliamentary forum to dialogue and agree on minimal bases to coexist.


This dream needs the Spanish government and all the powers of the State to assume the petition from society to collaborate in this enormous challenge to consolidate coexistence. It needs for them to stop using peace as a political tool, using strategies of the past and that they meet the petition of collaboration in the peace process.


This dream needs ETA to put beyond operative use all of their weapons in a quick, documented and verifiable way for society as well as for the international community. The existence of illegal weapons is a danger for all of society and a constant and unjustifiable reminder for all of the people who have been threatened up until now.


This dream is possible. And this dream also needs that all of us, all of the people that are here today become seeds for a future in peace.


Our seed, that of Lokarri, is our commitment with all of the victims of the violations of Human Rights. Their memory must remain and be a reminder of how terrible are the consequences of violence and the attacks against human dignity.


Our seed is also all those collaborators and members of Lokarri. Your work, your experience, your capacity to contribute, your insistence, mustn't be wasted. All of you can continue working for coexistence and contributing with your effort from other spaces and social initiatives which, from plurality and constructiveness, are also contributing in this great collective challenge.


There is still much work to be done. We don't want society to understand that the end of the path of Lokarri means that peace and coexistence are consolidated. There is still a lot of work to do. For that we want to ask all of society that, in spite of the great advances achieved, they maintain a critical spirit and the capacity to continue promoting initiatives that contribute to the path of peace. It is also our responsibility and our opportunity.


It's our dream.

  Good bye! 

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